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6th November 1974, Bradford (St George's Hall)


01- Procession
02- Now I'm Here
03- Ogre Battle
04- Father To Son
05- White Queen
06- Flick Of The Wrist
07- In The Lap Of The Gods
08- Killer Queen
09- The March Of The Black Queen
10- Bring Back That Leroy Brown
11- Son And Daughter
12- Keep Yourself Alive
13- Seven Seas Of Rhye
14- Stone Cold Crazy
15- Liar
16- In The lap Of The Gods....Revisited
17- Big Spender
18- Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
19- Rock n'Roll Medley

Time: 77:10

Quality: good

Quite complete recording from Bradford 74. The end of this concert is a real mystery. There should have been God Save The Queen but 30 seconds after the end of the Rock N'Roll medley, there is still audience chanting for encore. Maybe some songs were played after the Rock N'Roll Medley but that's really not sure.
The quality of the recording is not so enjoyable as it was recorded too loud. There is some heavy distorsion and some tape hiss all through the show. I remastered it a bit and it sounds better than the original but still not great.
Still interesting to have as not so many concerts from this era survived.