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19th April 1975, Tokyo (Budokan Hall)


01- Procession
02- Now I'm Here
03- White Queen
04- Doing Allright
05- In The Lap Of The Gods
06- Killer Queen
--- The March Of The Black Queen
--- Bring Back That Leroy Brown
07- Stone Cold Crazy
08- In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
09- Big Spender!
--- Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
--- Jailhouse Rock
10- See What A Fool I've Been
--- God Save The Queen

Time: 49:29

Quality: very good +

Incomplete recording of the first ever Queen show in Japan. Some songs are missing through the recording but it is quite sure that the bootlegger had the complete show as he wanted it to fit exactly to one vynil record.
The recording is very enjoyable although having some slight clicks, as it comes from vynil. The perfomance is also very nice as Queen play their show but they really don't know what they can wait from Japanese people.