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18th September 1976, London (Hyde Park)

01- Bohemian Rhapsody
02- Ogre Battle
03- Sweet Lady
04- White Queen (As It Began)
05- Flick Of The Wrist
06- You're My Best Friend
07- Bohemian Rhapsody
08- Killer Queen
09- The March Of The Black Queen
10- Bring Back That Leroy Brown
11- Brighton Rock
12- Son And Daughter (finale)
13- '39
14- You Take My Breath Away
15- The Prophet's Song
16- Stone Cold Crazy
17- Keep Yourself Alive
18- Liar
19- In The Lap Of The Gods.. Revisited

Time: 78:33

Quality: very good +

Complete soundboard recording of the legendary show in Hyde Park.
Unfortunately, the recording is muddy so the sound is not perfect as there is some distorsion and some tape hiss but it is still enjoyable.
This concert was short because Queen were threatened to be thrown in jail if they played an encore after In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited.
The performance is not great as they all sound very nervous, especially Freddie and Brian and there are some technical problems during the gig. In particular, the echo delay did not work during The Prophet's Song. Freddie tries desesperatly doing something right during the vocal improvisation but it is really difficult to him.
In spite of being one the worst performances of Queen, it is still nice to have a complete decent recording of this legendary concert.