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8th May 1977, Stockholm (Johanneshovs Isstadion)


CD 1:
01- Intro
02- Tie Your Mother Down
03- Ogre Battle
04- White Queen
05- Somebody To Love
06- Killer Queen
--- Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
--- The Millionaire Waltz
--- You're My Best Friend
--- Bring Back That Leroy Brown
07- Death On Two Legs
08- Brighton Rock

CD 2:
01- '39
02- You Take My Breath Away
03- White Man
04- Vocal Improvisation
--- The Prophet's Song
05- Bohemian Rhapsody
06- Keep Yourself Alive
07- Stone Cold Crazy
08- Now I'm Here
09- Liar
10- Big Spender!
11- Jailhouse Rock
12- God Save The Queen

Quality: very good

Time: 96:33 (49:03 + 47:30)

First show of the European A Day At The Races tour. Very interesting performance as Good Old Fashioned Love Boy and Death On Two Legs were played for the first time. Freddie seems not to be very satisfied about their Death On Two Legs performance but I just think it sounds great, much better than few days later in Copenhagen.
The sound is quite average. The sound fluctuates between very good - and very good as it was recorded too loud and there is some slight tape hiss. But it is still listenable. The problem is that many songs are slightly cut. The recording comes from the "White Night At The Races" bootleg and i'm wondering if there is a better version out there. Doing Allright and In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited are missing. If you have a better version, please tell me, i would love to trade with you.