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1st December 1978, Montreal (The Forum)


01- Intro
02- We Will Rock You (fast)
03- Let Me Entertain You
04- Somebody To Love
05- If You Can't Beat Them
06- Death On Two Legs
07- Killer Queen
08- Bicycle Race
09- I'm In Love With My Car
10- Get Down, Make Love
11- You're My Best Friend
12- Now I'm Here
13- Spread Your Wings
14- Dreamer's Ball
15- Love Of My Life
16- ' 39
17- It's Late

05- Brighton Rock
06- Fat Bottomed Girls
07- Keep Yourself Alive
08- Bohemian Rhapsody
09- Tie Your Mother Down
10- Sheer Heart Attack
11- We Will Rock You
12- We Are The Champions
13- God Save The Queen

Quality: excellent

Time: 117:06 (71:16 + 46:50)

Great complete Jazz concert in Montreal. In some spots, someone near the taper is hitting his seat so it's a little bit annoying. But it doesn't really bother as this recording is one of the best of the American Jazz Tour.