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7th December 1978, Chicago (The Stadium)

We Will Rock You (fast)
Let Me Entertain You
Somebody To Love
If You Can't Beat Them
Death On Two Legs
Killer Queen
Bicycle Race
I'm In Love With My Car
Get Down, Make Love
You're My Best Friend
Now I'm Here
Don't Stop Me Now (intro)
Spread Your Wings
Dreamer's Ball
Love Of My Life
' 39
It's Late
Brighton Rock
Fat Bottomed Girls
Keep Yourself Alive
Bohemian Rhapsody
Tie Your Mother Down
Sheer Heart Attack
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions (cut)
God Save The Queen (cut)


Great recording recording from Chicago 78. It has been recorded through the venue's microphones so it sounds close to soundboard with a slight hiss.
Wonderful concert although Freddie's voice was not the best that night. They played a stunning Brighton Rock, maybe my favorite one. Much speech from Freddie about the very cold weather in Chicago and very responsive audience.
The recording is slightly incomplete as We Are The Champions is slightly cut and God Save The Queen is only few seconds long. Probably the best recording of the Jazz Tour.