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26th December 1979, London (Hammersmith Odeon)


Disc 1:

01- Intro
02- Jailhouse Rock
03- We Will Rock You (fast)
04- Let Me Entertain You
05- Somebody To Love
06- If You Can't Beat Them
07- Mustapha
08- Death On Two Legs
09- Killer Queen
10- I'm In Love With My Car
11- Get Down, Make Love
12- You're My Best Friend
13- Save Me
14- Now I'm Here
15- Don't Stop Me Now
16- Spread Your Wings
17- Love Of My Life
18- ' 39

Time: 70:48

Disc 2:

01- Keep Yourself Alive
--- Drum Solo
--- Guitar Solo
02- Silent Night
--- Guitar Solo
03- Brighton Rock (reprise)
04- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
05- Audience
06- Bohemian Rhapsody
07- Tie Your Mother Down
08- Sheer Heart Attack
09- We Will Rock You
10- We Are The Champions
11- God Save The Queen

Time: 43:08


Complete recording from the 1979 Christmas show in London. That was a concert for Kampuchea. Many artists played in Hammersmith Odeon these days (The Wings, The Clash...). Queen was the only band to play a complete show here. Now I'm Here has been officially released on a compilation of the shows of these days.
Wonderful concert, one of the best, i think. Freddie sounds really great and there's a very warm atmosphere during this concert, just as during many nights of the Crazy Tour. Brian played a great Silent Night. There is a recording with Silent Night at the beginning of the show but that's a mistake. It was played during his solo. They also played a stunning version of Don't Stop Me Now.
The recording is excellent, there aren't any sound problems. Take it, that's a must to have.