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8th March 1981, Buenos Aires (Velez Sarfield Stadium)


CD 1:
01- Intro
--- Jailhouse Rock
02- We Will Rock You (fast)
03- Let Me Entertain You
04- Play The Game
05- Somebody To Love
06- I'm In Love With My Car
07- Get Down Make Love
08- Need Your Loving Tonight
09- Save Me
10- Now I'm Here
11- Dragon Attack
12- Now I'm Here (reprise)
13- Fat Bottomed Girls
14- Love Of My Life

CD 2:
01- Can You Feel It
02- Keep Yourself Alive
--- Drum Solo
03- Guitar Solo
04- Flash
05- The Hero
06- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
07- Bohemian Rhapsody
08- Tie Your Mother Down
09- Another One Bites The Dust
10- Sheer Heart Attack
11- We Will Rock You
12- We Are The Champions
13- God Save The Queen
14- Radio Comment

Time: 121:13 (60:05 + 61:08)

Quality: very good + / good

Complete recording of the last night in Buenos Aires. It was compiled from two sources. Most of it is from a very nice radio recording. It was completed by a high gen recording probably from the same source, which is much worse with a lot of tape hiss and an unclear mix. There are some radio comments and the guy is really enthustiastic during this concert.
The show is really great and the audience is quite wild. Maradona attended this show and made an appearance on the stage before Another One Bites The Dust. All these south american shows are really great to have as Queen was really on fire during this era.
There is a long radio comment at the end of the recording. It is about 20 min long. If you can speak Spanish, it will be interesting although the guy is speaking really quickly. As I don't speak Spanish, I don't have any clue about what he says.