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24th April 1982, Leiden (Groenoordhallen)


CD 1:
01- Flash
02- The Hero
03- Tie Your Mother Down
04- Action This Day
05- Play The Game
06- Staying Power
07- Liar
08- Liar (continues)
09- Love Of My Life
10- Save Me
11- Get Down, Make Love
12- Guitar Solo
13- Under Pressure
14- Mustapha Intro
15- Fat Bottomed Girls

CD 2:
01- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
02- Somebody To Love Intro
03- Bohemian Rhapsody
04- Now I'm Here
05- Dragon Attack
--- Now I'm Here (reprise)
06- Another One Bites The Dust
07- Sheer Heart Attack
08- We Will Rock You
09- We Are The Champions
10- God Save The Queen

Time: 97:35 (60:52+36:43)

Quality: very good -

Great first Hot Space night in Leiden. The recording is complete. There is just a small cut at the beginng of We Will Rock You.
The quality of this recording is average but it is still enjoyable. The band seems a little bit distant and the mix could be better. I would rate it between very good - and very good.
That is a great performance with a stunning audience. Really worth listening even if the quality of the recording is not so hot.