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25th April 1982, Leiden (Groenoordhallen)


CD 1:
01- Flash
02- The Hero
03- Tie Your Mother Down
04- Action This Day
05- Play The Game
06- Back Chat
07- Somebody To Love
08- Love Of My Life
09- Mustapha Intro
10- Save Me
11- Get Down, Make Love
12- Guitar Solo

CD 2:
01- Under Pressure
--- Fat Bottomed Girls
02- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
03- Bohemian Rhapsody
04- Now I'm Here
05- Dragon Attack
06- Now I'm Here (reprise)
07- Another One Bites The Dust
08- Sheer Heart Attack
09- We Will Rock You
10- We Are The Champions
11- God Save The Queen

Time: 95:11 (50:21+44:50)

Quality: very good

Rare complete recording of the second night in Leiden. The recording is very good quality until Sheer Heart Attack then the end of the show comes from another very good - recording. Get Down Make Love and Guitar Solo are cut. The sound could be clearer as it is missing some bass.
That's a great concert with a slightly different setlist from the first night. No We Will Rock You (fast) and no Staying Power. But they played Back Chat. Very nice Action This Day and Mustapha intro before Save Me.